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Somebody know about a Dental Assistant job in Durham NC and how much is the payment rate for this kind of job?

Some places start off at $20 or more an hr. My friend just started after graduation and she is making bank. Good luck I'd go to It depends how big it is...private care? Depends just go to that website.

Somebody know about a Dental Assistant job in Durham NC and how much is the payment rate for this kind of job?
my mom is a dental assistant in rockwall, tx and she makes around $21 an hour.
Reply:no sorry. do you have any education? you can usually make more than those just starting out that way...
Reply:there alot of Dental Assistant here in Durham NC. Salary are $13-20/ hr.
Reply:Try, you can enter the zip code and they will tell you all the info you need.

How much can a dental assistant make in a year?

Do they get paid good money and good benefits? What is their salary?

How much can a dental assistant make in a year?
Depending on your's about $53,000 a year. Just go Yahoo Search it (or Google it) and type in "Dental Assistant Salary"

I'm sure their benefits are markedly similar to those of legal secretaries, lab technicians, dental hygenists, etc. It would largely depend on the firm and whether or not they provide good benefits to the owners %26amp; management---

It would be very competitive---and for that reason alone, I'm sure they would have to be appealing to applicants---forcing the firm to offer very good benefits.
Reply:a lot
Reply:$60 per hour in San Jose, California times 2080 hours in a year equals $124,800.00.

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Main difference between a dental Assistant and Hygienist?

Which requires more school? What is the average starting pay for each ?

Main difference between a dental Assistant and Hygienist?
The main diffrence between the two are duties and pay. A dental assistant pretty much does everything for the dentist as in prepares everything, before the procedure, help them throughout the procedure, and cleans up everything after the procedure. Also there is such thing as a level 1 and a level 2 dental assistant. A level one isn't allowed inside the mouth, like they can hold the suction and retract the cheek but thats it. While a level 2 can actually clean the patients teech, take impressions and x-rays, among other things. A hygienist, can do soo much more, and can do everything without the dentist being present, alot of the time they will rent the chair from the dentist and work at many diffrent office, you can pretty much make your on scheduel. They are also allowed to go below the gum linne. If you are considering between the 2 I would suggest the Hygienist, I spent 1 year in school for an assistant and, whish i would have just spent the extra year to become a hygienist, they pay is hugely diffrent. Hope this helps!!
Reply:Much more schooling, therefore much more money for a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene schools have high qualification requirements and most programs are 2 years.

Depends on where you live, but a fully qualified hygienist earns about twice what a similarly experienced assistant earns.

Hygienists in most states can give injections and clean below the gum level. They actually produce revenue for a dental practice as their services are charged out.
Reply:Go to to find the pay rate for hygienists and assistants in your county. The assisting school I went to was 9 months long and the hygiene school I'm going to is 16 months long. The cost for school is also very different. My assisting school was 14k and my hygiene school is 60k. Hygienists have and always will get payed way more than assistants, but assistant pay isn't all that bad if you're good at it.
Reply:Ok put it like this a hygienist are a few steps away from becoming dentists. Assistants are steps away from becoming hygienist.

Dental assistants do exactly that assist the dentist. Hygienist usually work on their own.

The pay is a total difference, hygienist make much more.
Reply:The main differences between a dental assistant and a hygienist are pay, tasks, and level of education.

Hygienists get paid more because typically they go do school longer and they learn more things. There are schools where you can learn dental assistant tasks, but most training is on the job. Depending on what type of office you go to.

Hygienists do a lot more than dental assistants are permitted to do. Generally this varies from state to state. Dental assistants with an EFDA certification can do more than just regular dental assistants. And dental hygienists with an efda certification can do more than the regular dental hygienists. ONLY THE DENTIST IS ALLOWED TO ADMINISTER ANESTHETICS!

Usually dental assistants assist the dentist with procedures they do, they suction, and pass instruments. they can also take impressions and they clean the area when the patient is done. The ones with the EFDA certification are allowed to do a lot more. Hygienists usually just do cleanings, (polishing the teeth, checking gums, scaling the teeth, adminstering flouride.) the ones with the efda certification can place fillings, and sealants.

Anyone in the office can get their radiology license, which is just so you can push the x-ray button. even people who arent certified dental assistants or registered dental hygienists.

There are 2 year and 4 year programs for dental hygiene. Usually it is recommended to do the 4 year program because you never know what will happen to your hands and if you took the 4 year program you can become a product rep for companies, like crest and colgate. you can also become a teacher. and if they ever have too many dental assistants they will require people to go for the 4 year one. you do the same amount of clinical hours, but the reward is much greater. you would also get paid more because you have a higher degree.

As for the pay, on average (depending on the area) dental hygiensts can earn an UPWARDS of 30 dollars an hour. dental assistants can earn anywhere between 8-20 dollars an hour, of course thats average, so many places could be more.

In about forty states now dental hygienists are allowed to administer local anesth. I am licensed to admin. infiltration anesth. only, however in many states such as Louisiana, hygienists are allowed to give block injections. Just FYI.
Reply:I'm a dentist.

They are two entirely different occupations. They just both happen to be in the dental profession.

Dental hygiene is a two year program (exactly like nursing school). There, they take didactic and clinical courses. They taken board exams and licensing exams in order to practice. They have to hold a license to practice, just like nurses and like doctors (dentists, physicians, podiatrists, optometrists, etc. etc.).

Dental assistants, however, can be formally trained or they can be bumbs taken off the street who (hopefully) learn on the job. Dental assisting programs run several months, mostly hands-on. There's very little didactic training, if any.

Obviously, dental assistants are more important to a dental practice than are hygienists. A doctor cannot work without his assistants. We can work just fine without hygienists (although it's worthwhile for us to have hygienists working under us).

Nonetheless, hygienists--unlike assistants--are able to perform deep cleanings on patients. In some states, they can even administer local anesthetic (which I think is an absolutely terrible idea for a number of reasons, despite the added convenience it affords us docs).

Basically, hygienists are health care providers. Assistants are not.

As such, a hygienist is going to be paid a lot more. They can make as much as $50 to $70k per year. Assistants are lucky if they reach $30 in most states.

Assistants, depending on the location and their training, start around $10 to $15 per hour. Hygienists are easily twice that much.

How much does a dental assistant in Boston make per hour?

Every hour

How much does a dental assistant in Boston make per hour?
I'd say somewhere in the same neighborhood as working at Wal-Mart. Maybe 10% more. $7.50 /hr

i thnk around 20 dollars
Reply:I live in British Columbia, Canada... and I know Dental Assistants who are making $25/hour (CDN), and have great hours and great perks. I'm going to school to be Dental Hygienist... and they are making $35/hour (CDN) right out of school.

There is a huge demand for them too!!

What happens to a dental assistant after being radiated for over ten years?

Dental assistants should NEVER be in the room while exposing x-rays. If a child needs to be held, the parent should be employed with that. X-ray technologists do get some very mininal exposure, due to being in the room while the x-rays are on (ie, barium swallows, upper GIs, barium enemas, hysterosalpingograms, etc).

What happens to a dental assistant after being radiated for over ten years?
Usually a Dental Assistant would not get irradiated. Even if they were present while a patient was having their x-rays taken, the assistant would wear a lead apron (which x-rays can't get through) or stand behind a screen which would protect them from the radiation while the x-ray was done. Dentists and dental assistants (and other people who work with x-rays) have to wear a badge that is sensitive to x-rays. This is checked regularly (not sure how often) to ensure they are not being exposed to x-rays.
Reply:Anybody working with radiation should be wearing a film monitor badge.

As you know the effevts of radiation exposure are cumulative, so looking at your readings over the years you should be able to ascertain your level.

Remembering the simple things like leaving the room during the exposure all ad up to decreasing your exposure.
Reply:After 10 years I'd say you're done!!!
Reply:Let's see.... I have all my limbs, no extra fingers or toes, no funky growths, so I'd have to say... Nothing.

What is the difference between Dental Nurse and Dental Assistant?

Sorry, I don't know this one. Plus I don't think anyone else will either. I'm just hoping to help you close this out and save your 2 pts.

What is the difference between Dental Nurse and Dental Assistant?
RZ told me you'd lose your 2 pts if No one else answered your question. So here I am. Sorry no one can help you!


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A few questions for Dental assistant ?

Well im starting a cource in April its a 20 hour program once a week for about 4 months. When im finished with the cource they will give a certificate that shows all of what I learned. Now will i be able to get a job in an office or will I always get declined since I dont have any office experiance?

Also what should i exspect as my starting pay?

What type of scrubs can you wear?

A few questions for Dental assistant ?
You will get paid more if you get your RDA or CDA. You will probably be able to get a job, but if anyone else applies w/more licenses they will choose them over you in most cases. Starting pay really depends on where you live, state, city. What you wear is up to the office. Some have a required color/uniform, others let you choose. Good Luck!

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